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Thank You!

You just made a difference. Not only will your donation help those without a voice be heard, but it will also be used to help those who have been abused receive post-incarceration support in the form of housing, job placement, and counseling.

No one deserves to be in prison because they didn’t have the money to afford a lawyer who had their best interest at heart, nor do they deserve to be in prison because the government thought no one would ever hear their story. When we help someone we don’t simply post an article and forget about them, we get involved.

As funding permits, mainly through contributions like the one you just made, we secure legal support for individuals who we believe have an extremely good chance at release. When we do succeed in helping someone get released we, when funding permits, provide a helping hand in the form of securing housing, job placement, and post-incarceration counseling.

Again, Thank you!