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Sewage Spill in Hollywood, California

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Recently we received a report of governmental misconduct in regards to the willful neglect of Private Corporation which is under contract by the federal government. Due to the nature of this report we are unable to give full details until our investigation is complete. We are seeking information from the general public to better help us evaluate the severity of this incident. The person who reported this incident has stated that they intend to pursue a class action lawsuit. The incident involves the willful neglect of the private corporation which opened a sewage pipe and allowed raw sewage to flow freely for three days, and again for one day. The sewage was not cleaned up until weeks after the incident began.

The City of Los Angeles has clear regulations that are supposed to prevent this type of incident. When an incident like this occurs there is a (1) one hour limit for the waste to be cleaned up after first learning of the spill.  The private corporation allegedly sought to cover up this incident by forbidding the people who witnessed it from speaking to anyone; this includes reporting this incident to the Department of Water and Power. One of the people there took video recordings of the incident. The very same person paid for the clean up out of his own personal funds.

The main need for speed in cleaning up sewage is the high likelihood of the spread of food/water born viruses and diseases. Some infections are spread when microscopic amounts of human waste from an infected person with symptoms or an infected person without symptoms (a carrier) are taken in by another person by mouth. The human waste may be passed:

  • directly from soiled hands to the mouth
  • Indirectly by way of objects, surfaces, food or water soiled with human waste.

Examples of diseases spread from human waste:

Human waste is often spread by fly’s. A normal house fly can travel easily up to two miles. A fly that has eaten human waste will often retain microscopic amounts of human waste that they can then deposit on surface areas, such as benches, doors and ingestible products such as food and water.

Below is a two mile radius from the area in which the incident occurred. If you lived, worked or traveled witnin this area from August 10th, 2018 until September 5th, 2018 and have experienced any form of illness we encourage you to contact us. Also, please sign up for our newsletter so that we may send you more information on this incident as our investigation develops. Your information will not be shared with any outside agency. If the reporting person decides to pursue a class action lawsuit we will provide our newsletter with the information needed to contact them in order to take part in this lawsuit.