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Welcome to Dishonorable Courts.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing governmental misconduct. We do this by accepting reports from people like yourself.


Each week we send out a series of introduction emails to new subscribers. These emails contain some basic information about reporting misconduct, what we’re looking for, and how we handle cases. We also send out basic updates, as well as anything we find newsworthy, as the articles present themselves.


We are not lawyers. We do not, and cannot, offer legal advice.




We need reports of misconduct. We are constantly working on our database of information. Each report we receive from you will be reviewed and the report placed on file as well as listed in the governmental officials section of our site.


If you have experienced any of the following, please send us the details.




Has a Judge done one of the following to you or a loved one?


  1. Significantly delayed in reviewing your motion for an unreasonable length of time (12 months or more)?
  2. Accepted a plea from you that you later argued was involuntary?


To report information on a Judge please submit the information in the following format:


For Unreasonable Delays in Proceedings:

  • Your full name
  • Your place of incarceration
  • The Judge’s name
  • The Judge’s District
  • Case Number
  • Motion type
  • Date case was filed
  • Date last action was taken
  • Docket description of the last action that was taken

For Plea Agreements that were accepted that were involuntary:

  • Your full name
  • Your place of incarceration
  • The District Court Judge’s name
  • The District Court Judge’s district
  • The Magistrate Judge (if applicable) that accepted the initial plea
  • Case Number
  • Date the plea was accepted
  • The reason that the plea was involuntary or unknowing


United States Attorney


Has a United States Attorney, or one of their assistant’s, done one of the following to you or a loved one?

  1. Told you that if you did not take a plea then a loved one would be indicted?
  2. Used statements by other people (to induce a plea or otherwise) that were later proven to be untrue?
  3. Given a reduction of sentence to someone for writing statements about you or for testifying against you?
  4. Told you that if you testified or wrote statements against someone you would get a reduction of sentence?
  5. Argued for procedural dismissal of a motion where you claimed actual innocence?
  6. Continued to use the statements of a person, or agent, after they were proven to be untrue?
  7. Failed to file charges of perjury or obstruction of justice against someone who made statements against you that were proven to be untrue?
  8. Allowed you to plead guilty to a charge they knew you were not guilty of and told you to plead guilty or be given a harsher sentence or conviction if you went to trial?
  9. Asked for a continuance in response to your civil action? (2255, 2241, Direct Appeal)
  10. If yes to #9, how many continuances did they request?


To report this information please submit reports in the following format:                        


  • Your full name
  • Your place of incarceration
  • The United States Attorney’s (or Assistant’s) name
  • The Judge’s District
  • Case Number
  • Which action was taken?
  • Explain your reason in as much detail as possible
  • Do you have supporting evidence?
  • If so, what is the supporting evidence?



Federal Agents/Local Police


Has a Federal Agent or Local Police Officer done one of the following to you or a loved one?

  1. Told the court that they had records but then failed to produce them?
  2. Been found to not be credible by a Judge?
  3. Told you that you would get less time on your sentence if you assisted them in arresting someone else?
  4. Allowed you to continue to commit crimes in order to give you a harsher conviction and/or sentence?
  5. Allowed you to continue to commit crimes in order to arrest other persons?
  6. Allowed someone else to continue to commit crimes in order to arrest you?
  7. Allowed someone else to continue to commit crimes as part of their deal to work as an informant?
  8. Threatened your loved ones? This includes telling you that if you didn’t help them or if you didn’t surrender to the agent or officer they would go after your loved ones.
  9. Made statements in order to get a search warrant that were based on an informant’s testimony?
  10. Arrested you for information given to them by an informant?
  11. Planted evidence on you?
  12. Seized property from you that was never reported to the courts?

To report this information, please submit the following:


  • Your full name
  • Your place of incarceration
  • The Agent’s or Officer’s name/s
  • The Agent’s or Officer’s department
  • The Agent’s or Officer’s location
  • The District Court that any of the information was involved in (if applicable)
  • Case Number
  • What Occurred
  • Explain your reason in as much detail as possible
  • Do you have supporting evidence?


To submit the above information please do so in writing, not through the institutional email system. Your letter will be scanned and placed on our site for viewers to review. Please use the following format when reporting misconduct:



Your First and Last Name
Current Address




Report of Misconduct by (Governmental Agency including name of offender)


Misconduct Type:  (Site Exactly which category it falls under. If a category does not exist, please be as precise as possible)
Case Number: (Your Case Number)
Sentencing District: (i.e. Middle District of North Carolina, Raleigh Division)
Sentencing Judge: (Judge Name)
Sentencing Date: MM/DD/YYYY
Sentence Length: (Months)
Time Served on Sentence To Date: (Months)
Custody Level: (Minimum/Low/Medium/High)

Background: This is where you give your story, in a short overview.



An example would be:


John Doe
Federal Prison Camp
PO Box 2000
Victorville, CA. 90021


Date: 01/30/2018


Report of Misconduct by Federal Agent John Smith

Misconduct Type: (1) A Federal Agent told the court they had records but failed to produce them.
Case Number: CR-2222222
Sentencing District: Western District of North Carolina, Statesville Division
Sentencing Judge: Richard Voorhees
Sentencing Date: 6/23/2001
Sentence Length: 210 Months
Time Served on Sentence: 120 Months
Custody Level: Low


Background: When I was arrested Agent John Smith said he had recorded video of me doing a drug purchase, the same video he claimed to have had which was used to get my indictment started. When we asked to see the video, it turned out to be a video of just me and another person talking. Agent John Smith claimed that his years of working in the field gave him the ability to discern that I was doing a drug purchase, however the Judge in my case (Judge Richard Voorhees) ruled that the video was inadmissible. My attorney, Robert Daniels, told me that this evidence didn’t matter, and had me sign a plea. I later learned that this evidence was the only evidence the government had to use against me. When I asked my attorney to file an appeal he filed an Anders brief without putting in any supporting information about this issue. Enclosed are copies of the hearing transcripts. The evidence I speak of us on page six, line 22 through 24.


This is a basic overview of how something should be submitted. If there are more issues please create a different page in the same format. If the issues over-lap, such as this one did with the attorney and agent both committing acts of misconduct, we still need separate reports. The information can be exactly the same in the backgrounds, but for reporting purposes we need the reports made in this format.


If there is anything you think we missed, please send us a letter or email explaining what we can add. If you have a unique situation feel free to write us about it and we will try to figure out where to fit it in or we will create something new. Our goal is to get precise information that can be posted on our site, along with detailed records that can be used to report misconduct.

Please mail any reports to:


Dishonorable Courts
PO Box 292422
Los Angeles, CA. 90029


For those of you who wish to sharpen your skills, we suggest you go to your local law library and review cases that may have Prosecutorial Misconduct. Apply these rules to what you find there, and send us copies of your findings. If they are valid we will post these cases as examples on our site for others to go by as well as send copies to our mailing list. You will be credited with the review unless you state that you prefer to remain anonymous.


Please do not send us originals as we cannot return them. We also wish for you to be mindful that we are working on many cases and may not be able to respond quickly to your requests. Our ability to do special tasks, like review docket sheets and search the internet for information for you, are very limited as well. We can recommend an agency that does this type of concierge service upon request. Please type or write as clearly as possible anything you intend to send to us. If you do type us a letter or email please do not type it all in capital letters.


Best Regards,

-Richard Long


All material contained in this email is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be considered as legal advice in any way. We are not lawyers nor do we wish to be seen as such. By sending us any information you grant us permission to use the information for whatever purposes we deem appropriate.